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Teknetvisions was founded in 2003 by Thomas Kraft as a small application developer working with a service industry leader in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, it has transformed into a multi-faceted Software developer, Graphics Design, and Utilities Solutions Management group. Our main goal from inception, was to simplify solutions for the day to day operations in the field. How can we speed up efficiency for the important people in the trenches? We achieved that by working with the people that used the product, reaching out, gathering feedback from the workers themselves. This business concept remains the focal point of our mantra today. Gather the information and input from you and working closely with you, finding the best solution to make your life easier. Teknetvisions continues to specialize in custom solutions, regardless of what aspect of our business to make sure you are satisfied, because it is you that uses our products. Got a need that Big software developers can't seem to grasp?

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Thomas E. Kraft, President

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